Death of Ronnie Lee Smith, aka Roland Duby surprises many activists

Above:  Better times, on the way to 2001 Reefer Rumble in Ohio, left to right is Brian McCullough, Cher Ford-McCullough, Richard J. Rawlings, Heidi Drake and RONNIE SMITH aka ROLAND DUBY.

Ronnie Lee Smith, better known as Roland Duby or Marijuana Man, passed from this life yesterday evening from Leukemia.

He was a Cannabis Activist who was a major player in the Cannabis Oil movement for Cancer.

With a single post on Facebook a Man who had fought the greater part of adult life for the Cannabis movement and had attested to curing many others who had been given up on by our healthcare system from cancer, did, himself succumb to cancer.

Lida Thompson

19 hours ago

I’m very sad to say that we’ve lost our friend and brother Roland Duby in his battle against Leukemia
RIP sweet friend

There were many activists who were "watching" his facebook page for hours leading up until the end posting messages and conveying their love and prayers to him.  And many messages left since then.

It is a major loss to Cannabis Activists all over the U.S. as him and his knowledge will be sorely missed by all.

He is survived by close family whom shall remain unnamed here for personal reasons, and many, many, friends and activists whom he influenced throughout the years who shall attempt to carry on the fight!


He was born and raised in Warsaw, Kentucky

Graduated Class of 1983 from Gallatin County High School in Warsaw, Ky

Graduated "Oaksterdam University" Class of 2010

He authored the following websites:

Ronnie Smith ran for Sheriff in 2010 in Gallatin County Kentucky:

Kentucky Pothead Runs For Sheriff; Calls On Others To Do So

Screen shot 2010-05-07 at 2.35.59 PM.png

TRIPS Through Reality – 04/03/14

Above:  Time 4 Hemp features Ronnie Smith


Ronnie Smith On Cannabis Hemp Oil Curing Cancer Short Film

Photo: Yesterday we lost a Wonderful guy and hard working Activist in Ronnie Smith Aka Roland A. Duby. Rest in Peace brother....


Note:  There is so much information out there on Ronnie Smith that I cannot possibly input it all here.  I encourage you to search out information on him if you are not already familiar.  Thank you.

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  1. This man was my friend, and Richard J. Rawlings friend. He supplied Richard with Cannabis oil at no cost when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012. I lost Richard in February 2013.

    1. I am gutted to read both about Ronnie and Richard. If they were both taking cannabis why did they die if it works? My husband is terminally ill, really bad right now. Today is his fifth day on cannabis oil and he has gone back to being a baby – I am doing everything for him. Please tell me it works. I have been on the internet for the past two months finding all I can about cannabis and it took another month to find the oil. What happened to Richard?

      1. It was 2013, and no access to the right medicine at the time…..Everyone dies at some point – not everyone can be “cured”. Although, irregardless of the outcome, Cannabis is good medicine – even for those (especially for those) who are terminal cases. Only the future and the Government “laws” which we live under will determine just how important Cannabis will be as a bonafide medicine. From what I’ve seen, it has saved many people from death and many more from symptoms of chronic conditions which as yet have no “cure”. There is no limit as to what can be done with this plant and it is time that the lies are discontinued and the research continue. It amazes me how this plant was literally stolen from the people. Here is a good link to show how it has been used in the U.S. as “medicine” and how it never should have been discontinued. There could be pharmaceutical Cannabis products on the shelves of every pharmacy in a short period of time because they have already existed! Why aren’t they still available?

  2. I had the opportunity. to meet and spend the day with Roland ….he is/ was a good honest …heart of gold….out to help anyone in need …mostly free of charge. .I remember him saying no-one should be denied life because they can not afford it … there is a cure and anyone who really . Needs the oil just has to ask…. that to me …was the most honest good hearted thing any one can do for another…. he is truly missed not only us who know him in person but by everyone he touched…like everyone he had his ” haters” but that’s only because he lived his life ..not the life society wanted him to live … I’m sure he is weeping in heaven from missing his son …. but he is no longer suffering on earth in his human shell…he is sitting up on a cloud… smoking a fatty with dimebag ..and ..Jack….R.I.P.MY THREE HERO’S …..I MISS YOU ALL….

  3. I knew a guy that went by Thor in Lexington KY around 1991 or 1992. I only knew him as Thor. We performed improv comedy together and he was part of the Cannibals Action Network in KY at the time. It’s been years since I last saw him and I was trying to track him down. Could this be the same person? He let me write on his head once with a sharpie, “Don’t let this happen to the rain forest.”

  4. Ronnie was a good friend and a very funny man. Loved his comedy routine, and he was above all else, someone who loved his fellow man and would do whatever he could to help someone in distress.

    I did not know of his passing until today (11-18-2014) as we had fallen out of touch. I was working on the road and he had left ATL, where we had met.

    Rest well my friend, and know that we continue to fight for cannabis legalization across the country. You wqere an inspiration to me and many others.

    1. It was a sad situation that I do not have all the details of. Long story short, after he was in jail in Arizona – was in the Yavapai County Jail for over 3 months and did not have access to the “oil” whereby he became very ill. They let him out and he was brought back to KY for treatment and when he thought he was well enough he left here and returned to Colorado. He became severely ill there and died shortly after. Here is a link to a better informed version of the story:

    1. There was never any evidence that I am personally aware of to say that that did happen. However, while he was detained he lost not only his medication but his access to medical care for quite a while and it wasn’t until he became so ill they had no choice but to send him to the hospital that he finally got out of there (Kansas). He came back to Ky for awhile and seemed to get better but then relapsed and died in Colorado while he was there. I do not know much of the details. Thanks for commenting…smk.

  5. Here is a copy of a letter that Roland A. Duby sent me while he was in jail in Kansas in 2013. The last time I spoke to him was 12.20.13 — He was gone by 4.3.14….. I had sent him a message that day he never got. Anyway, the letter I had promised to show Paula Willett Cher Ford-mccullough Brian McCullough Tonya Davis Mary Thomas-Spears Angela Gatewood Henry Fox and probably some others I have forgotten right now…. Well here it is!

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