The part that bothers me the most about the #Warondrugs situation is that the ‘legalization’ trail should never had been taken, and neither should the ‘medical marijuana’ trail until AFTER the #PROHIBITION was repealed.

(#REPEALPROHIBITION) At that point, the plant #plantsrights would have been restored and then, and ONLY then, the Pharma could’ve made use of this plant as well in order to rid the pharmacopoeia of some very dangerous drugs and I’m not talking about JUST “narcotics”….

Although they as well would be considerably reduced in use – by the people themselves when their lawful access to Cannabis was restored. No need for DEA intervention…The “drug problem” would essentially take care of itself over a period of time. And much fewer people would have lost their lives to #Heroin overdose and other #street drugs as well in the war on “Narcotics” , #war on narcotics which we have seen exasperated in the past couple years when people were blatantly refused medication they had been on for a long length of time without any thought to “First do no harm”..

#Firstdonoharm. …It’s just another #war on patients who used #Marijuana for the most part.. .They just didn’t give a damn about the #patientsrights … Its all #commerce to them…Plain and simple. As well, upon the total #REPEAL PROHIBITION being accomplished, immediately those medications containing #Cannabis Sativa that were available BEFORE the #Prohibition could have immediately been returned to the pharmacy for sale to patients which would additionally have helped everyone: Patients, Growers, Pharmaceuticals, recreational users, those who just want #HEMP for food use and/or industrial use.

It is a severe clusterfu*k when you have people being denied use of medications they have used for periods of time or years for legitimate illnesses to be cut off from those medications as #punishment for the use of #Marijuana while at the same time Marijuana is being “#LEGALIZED across the Country and even the #World …. In effect, it is a #Culling …. I am an #Anti-prohibitionist !!!


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