This is hard for me.

Due to a diagnosis of unknown origin of Stage 4 cancer I hereby reliqish my title and job to Tom Johnson , Chairman, U.S.Marijuana Party Pennsylvania.

Congratulations Tom your are now Chairman, U.S.Marijuana Party.

I will continue in an advisory capacity and will return to my original position of Chairman, U.S.Marijuana Party Colorado.

I am on a daily RSO regimen. At 70 years I find that time is of the essence so I am augmenting that with chemotherapy.

My last official duty will be representing the U.S. Marijuana Party at the 51st Annual Smoke-in at the White House, High Noon July 4th, 2021, Lafayette Square Park.

It’s now me and God Orderly Direction.
Peace, Pot, Politics,
Wayward Bill Chengelis
Chairman, U.S.Marijuana Party (Ret)
Spokesperson, West Coast Yippie Collective

ATTN: Steve Bloom, Steve Elliott, Denver Westword, The Denver Post


12:10 PM 5/26/2021

Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Marc Emery is Not Free Yet





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In this episode: Though Marc Emery’s official prison release date has just passed, he has not actually been released and may not be for sometime. We discuss the details with Marc’s wife Jodie Emery. Justin Trudeau’s latest endorsement comes from none other than Marc Emery, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot” – what’s he smoking? Facebook Post by the Conservative Party of Canada by CPC.

Also on the show: Cannabis Day 2014 and Redbeard’s Great Canadian Glass Gathering!

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VIDEO: Colorado marijuana legalization effort launches first TV ad

By Scot Kersgaard
Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 2:29 pm

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (Amendment 64) will run its first television ad beginning tomorrow, May 11, during NBC’s “The Today Show.” The ad will also air during “Ellen,” and the Mother’s Day episode of “The Doctors.”

The ad features a young woman sitting at a laptop sending an email to her mother, explaining why she prefers marijuana over alcohol and asking her mother if she would like to talk about the issue. In particular, she tells her mother that marijuana poses less harm to her health than alcohol and that she feels safer around people using marijuana than she does around those using alcohol.

Betty Aldworth, advocacy director for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol addresses the media in Denver a few weeks ago. She is surrounded by campaign volunteers. (Kersgaard)

“Our goal with this ad is to start a conversation – and encourage others to start their own conversations – about marijuana,” said Betty Aldworth, advocacy director of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. “As more people talk to their family and friends about marijuana, more people understand that marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol and ought to be regulated like alcohol.”

The ad directs viewers to, a website in support of Amendment 64. The site complements the campaign’s strategy of encouraging young pro-legalization voters to talk about the issue with their parents, grandparents and other older voters.

“We will win this election if more older folks come to appreciate that marijuana is an acceptable and less harmful alternative to alcohol for adults,” Aldworth said. “For years they have been led to believe marijuana is more dangerous than it actually is, and that marijuana users are all slackers and losers. Once they hear from those closest to them that marijuana is used by millions of hard-working and professional people for the same reasons most adults use alcohol, they’ll be forced to think about why they would prefer people use alcohol instead of a less harmful substance.”

Polls have shown a tight election, but one in which the measure has a strong chance of passing. Even Denver Republicans voted in favor of the measure during the recent county assembly.