0 Replies to “Sen. McConnell’s response to SB129 Medical Marijuana, KY”

  1. Typical response…

    First- “Synthetic THC” sold as Marinol/Dronabinol has proven ineffective, or has having undesirable side effects for a large portion of users.

    There is currently no way for the FDA to regulate cannabis as medicine, as it remains a Schedule I drug. And the NIH/DEA monopoly on providing marijuana for legitimate research has for decades largely blocked any meaningful research in the US. Further, when they do deem it appropriate to provide cannabis for research it is ov very low quality, and is a mixture of leaf, stem, seeds, and flowers.

    As to rescheduling to schedule II… I would urge everyone to actually look at the schedules, what substances are in them, and the criteria for them being there. I would argue that cannabis does not belong in any schedule. But if it must be scheduled it most certainly belongs in Schedule V, the lowest of the classes available.

    And I would laugh if it weren’t so sad at the “well documented evidence…memory-loss…lung disease…death.” Really? Someone who apparently still believes the old propaganda, and has not stayed on top of any of the research with cannabis around the globe in the past decade, research that has shown no long term cognitive defects, no harm (and in some cases actual improvement) to lung function, no increased (and in some cases decreased) risk of cancer, and most certainly, no deaths.

  2. If a person can go to their local pharmacy and pick-up their whiskey and beer,cig’s, pain killers and nerve pills then I should be able to use medical marijuana if that is what actually helps me with my ailments. Out of the thing’s you can pick-up at Rite-Aid all of them have deadly consequences, if someone chose to use marijuana instead of morphine or nerve pills how could anyone with any “common sense” tell them they are wrong. GOD created marijuana, I don’t want marinol or anything else that has been touched by man and turned into a chemical mixed with several other chemical’s to create a pill with serious if not deadly side effects. If Marinol is LEGAL then how can medical marijuana not be??? Do your RESEARCH…Read all of the testimonies left by people across the nation that have benefitted from med. marijuana…

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