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To: Eric Hoppel, WNYT News Director
Answers to questions by candidate Cris Ericson
for U.S. Senator for Vermont

Hi! I’m Cris Ericson, candidate for United States Senator for Vermont,
and if you elect me, I will sponsor a Bill in the U.S. Senate to
repeal (get rid of) all rules and regulations inserted into federal laws
which were written by non-elected government officials, and which
are un-Constitutional, and which subvert economic progress in the U.S.A.
The only laws which are Constitutional are those written by
elected officials.  The members of the United States Congress
have been doing the equivalent of cheating on their homework,
because they write and pass Bills with blank spaces and
allow un-elected administrative officials to make up the rules
and regulations to fill in the blank spaces.  This is cheating.
Every single U.S. Senator and every single Representative
to the U.S. Congress who has voted to pass a Bill which allows
un-elected officials to make the rules and regulations which
can end you up in court and make you lose your home,
your property, your bank accounts and even your children,
should be prosecuted for taxpayer fraud for accepting your
taxpayer dollars in their Congressional paycheck, and then
not doing their job.
When members of the United States Congress,
House and Senate, pass Bills that allow un-elected officials
to create rules and regulations that put you at risk, then
the members of the U.S. Congress have not done their job,
they out-sourced their job to non-elected officials, they cheated,
they didn’t do their own homework, they committed tax fraud
by receiving a paycheck for work they didn’t do.
The result of these rules and regulations
created by un-elected officials and administrators is that they
have constipated the economy and disrupted businesses
with nit-picking and micro-managing and over-taxation.
If you elect me, Cris Ericson, to the United States Senate,
I will do whatever I can legally do to charge guilty members of
the U.S. Congress, House and Senate, with violating
the United States Constitution.  Impeach them all!
To: Eric Hoppel, WNYT News Director
Answers to questions by candidate Cris Ericson
for U.S. Senator for Vermont
What specific steps should be taken to fight ISIS?
Hi! I’m candidate Cris Ericson for United States Senator for Vermont.
First, this question presumes that a candidate would agree that
steps should be taken to fight ISIS. WNYT presents no facts in
evidence to support the basis for this presumption. Just who do you
think ISIS is? This is not a football game, where someone declares
the team colors and says, “go, fight, win team, go, fight, win!”.
But, that is what our government is doing, they are creating rebel
groups by hiring private for hire soldiers, giving them a name, and
telling them to go start a fight somewhere so that the news can
declare what a crisis we are in so people must depend on government
to solve the problem.
Not enough people are aware that government
creates crisis situations on purpose, to make people feel like they
are small and must look up to government for protection, particularly
since some of our gun rights are being taken away.
Taliban, Al Qaeida, ISIS, pick your fruit flavor of terrorist of the day.
Written by Alex Newman “Thursday, 13 October 2016…
Obama’s Justice Department dropped charges against an arms dealer
accused of arming Obama and Clinton backed Islamist
terror groups. Among those receiving U.S. arms from the
administration’s illegal programs,
the arms dealer said, were al-Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS),
and other terrorist organizations…a federal judge ruled that
the arms dealer could present the evidence
he had that Clinton and Obama orchestrated the illegal arming of
Islamic terror groups in Libya, and later, Syria….
…Marc Turi, said the White House tried to make him the fall guy
for the administration’s illegal plot to arm terrorists and
topple foreign governments…. Clinton wrote to her aide
Jake Sullivan: “fyi. the idea of using private security experts
to arm the opposition should be considered.” …

Considering the above news article and others like it, I want you
to know that the movement of military high explosives in commerce
under what I consider to be fraudulent guises is one reason I
(Cris Ericson) became a candidate for United States Senator for Vermont.

I spent ten years in court from 1990 to 2010 trying to stop the flow
of lead azide (a military high explosive), lead styphnate (a military
high explosive) and PETN plastic high explosives in commerce
under what I consider the fraudulent guise of “special effects” as
used on movie sets. When the movie production is finished, where
do the un-used left over explosives go? Of course, that wasn’t the only
issue, and I was a pro se litigant, representing myself without an attorney,
and listed as “attorney of record” on federal court documents.
I was assaulted and battered and blasted on a movie set, and the
movie industry lied for seven years and called the “special effects”
“harmless movie bombs”. Because they fired me for being injured,
and they injured me, I reported to unemployment in North Hollywood,
California. When I finally got to the front of the line, the woman said,
“Why are you here? You are covered with purple bruises and you have
tears streaming down your face?” I was probably suffering from
“shell shock”. I was sent to the Workers’ Compensation Court
where the Judge refused to make the movie industry employer state
what the “chemicals” were in the so-called “special effects”.
I was denied medical treatment.
The litigation went on for ten years, and because my deceased father
was a patent attorney and my grandfather was a patent attorney,
I knew they would be rolling over in their graves if I didn’t find out what
I was hit with.
Seven years later, the case had been mysteriously moved from Los Angeles
to New York City, where I was finally allowed to file a motion to
bring in Federal OSHA because California state OSHA didn’t do their job.
I received the material safety data hazard sheets for the chemicals,
showing lead azide, lead styphnate and PETN plastic high explosive,
and my case was immediately dismissed in the United States District
Court for the Southern District of New York.

Eventually, I got a freedom of information act report from the F.B.I.
which stated they had expunged and destroyed material having to do
with the explosives.

I filed three petitions to the Supreme Court of the United States,
in the middle petition, an individual petition to Justice Ruth Bader
Ginsberg, I requested the Court provide me an attorney, because
in the course of litigation, I had come across something, and I
really needed to talk to an attorney about it. I had requested
a federal grand jury hearing from a U.S. Attorney who denied my
request stating that “it is a gray area of the law if it is legal to
raise funds to support foreign wars.” That was before Sept. 11, 2001.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg denied my request for an attorney
to help me, a mere pro se litigant, struggling all by myself,
with my husband dead five years after exposure to the same explosives,
working on the same movie, but working five different days,
and the IRS had no record of his employment that year, in fact,
even when I stated I have his pay check stubs, they refused to
correct the record, and it wasn’t until two years after his death
that I found out that lead azide can cause cancer in a two hour
industrial exposure. He died of cancer, and the actor who threw
the explosives at me, Patrick Swayze, also died of cancer.

It took years, until after the 2004 election, for me to find out by
searching FEC records, that U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy had
repeatedly taken donations from my opposing attorney’s PAC,
the Dewey Ballantine PAC.
I called the U.S. Senate Ethics
Committee and they denied that I could prove it, but it was
right there in black and white on the Federal Elections Commission
website! Later, they changed their rules to expunge donations
over ten years old.
When Sept. 11, 2001 happened, I called the F.B.I. screaming at them,
“you didn’t investigate! you didn’t investigate”; and I meant the part
about some group raising funds to support foreign wars, because
from my point of view, what I couldn’t get across then, was that
if you are here in the U.S.A., and you send money overseas to some
foreign country, and then they have the money, then from their
point of view, the U.S.A. is a foreign country, so “raising funds to
support foreign wars” could mean they are going to make war on the
I do have a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Massachusetts,
I did take a course in Workers’ Rights and Industrial Relations from
Ralph Fertig, the EEOC Supervisory Trial Attorney at UCLA, and then
I took a home correspondence paralegal course
which was supposed
to take six months to complete, but I kept writing asking for extensions
because my head hurt from the explosives, and it took me four years to
finish and get my diploma.
So, what steps should be taken to fight ISIS? Stop the movie industry
from moving military high explosives in commerce under the fraudulent
guise of “special effects” would be my top choice for step number one;

and step number two: Impeach every single judge I appeared before
for ten years! Then we’ll talk about step number three. Oh, and
trust someone, vote for me, Cris Ericson for U.S. Senator for Vermont.
WNYT Ques. #3
Do you support a national health care system?
Hi! I’m Cris Ericson and I’m hoping you’ll vote for me for
United States Senator for Vermont because I really want to get in there
in the U.S. Senate and fix a few things, one of which is health care
for all Americans, each and every one of us, including homeless
Americans, and Americans who sleep in the sewers in New York
City at night, and American war Veterans sleeping on the sidewalks
in downtown Los Angeles.   Wake up America!  It isn’t healthy to
be homeless.  National health care starts with finding homes for all
Americans, and secondly, providing clean drinking water.
Homeless people who smell bad from their outdoor sewer
hide-away or street cardboard, have little chance of securing
employment to pay for health insurance.  Therefore, National
Health Care will only cover all Americans if it is NOT insurance
based, but instead, paid for by taxes, and call it what it is, a
National Health Care Tax.
Let’s have across the board tax on everyone with income, and on
every corporation, because corporations are “persons” now, and
use this tax specifically to pay for government run health care
clinics, hospitals, and prescription drugs and medical devices
for all Americans.
Taxpayers pay taxes, then the U.S. Congress votes to
give billions of dollars of your taxes to the N.I.H.,
National Institute of Health, and then the N.I.H. gives millions and millions
of your tax dollars to the mega-wealthy pharmaceutical companies for research
to create new prescription drugs and medical devices.
The pharmaceutical companies claim the ownership of the
Patents for all the drugs and medical devices they invented
using your tax dollars to pay for all their research,
but, under work-made-for-hire Patent Laws, the
taxpayers should rightfully own 50% (50 percent) of the
profits of all sales of all the prescription drugs and
medical devices sold which were invented using taxpayer
Vote for me, Cris Ericson, for United States Senator and
I will sponsor a Bill demanding our 50% (50 percent) shall be
returned to the taxpayers from the vast profits of the mega-
wealthy pharmaceutical companies, and demand that this
refund be paid into a National Health Care system.
The N.I.H., National Institute of Health, has co-conspired
for years, with the number one crime gang in the world,
the United States Senate, to deprive taxpayers of their
right to 50% (50 percent) of the profit on all prescription
drugs and medical devices that they paid for the research
The incumbent U.S. Senators have quietly stood by
and profited from this scam because they get kick-backs
in the form of campaign contributions from the PACs,
Political Action Committees, of
pharmaceutical companies that received funding from
the N.I.H. which received the funding from the U.S. Congress
which took the money from taxpayers.
Please vote for me, Cris Ericson, for U.S. Senator for Vermont,
and I’ll get your money back for you!
Now, let’s talk about clean drinking water. One-third of Vermonters
draw their drinking water from Lake Champlain. The idea of a
National Health Care system will not be complete without planning
to provide clean and safe drinking water for every American.
Stephen Perkins, Lake Champlain TDML Project Manager)
By Cris Ericson, 879 Church Street, Chester, Vermont 05143-9375
Submitted to:
Stephen Perkins, Lake Champlain TMDL Project Manager
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 – New England
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
Mail Code OEP06-3
Boston, MA 02109-3912
Phone: (617) 918-1501 Email:
and re-route it to industrial uses and south to the Atlantic Ocean
because one-third of Vermonters draw their drinking water from Lake Champlain.
Dumping treated sewage into Lake Champlain, from which
one-third of Vermonters draw their drinking water, raises the
phosphorous level as well as the “disgust” level of the
common people having to drink Lake Champlain water
mixed with treated waste which is then treated again with chloramines
and monochromes, depending on which town you live in along the
shores of Lake Champlain, and raises the incident risks of cancer,
a life-threatening disease, because chloramines and monochloramines
mixed with organic lake water create trihalomethane chemicals that
are carcinogenic.
We all know that rich people drink bottled spring water, but this increases
the level of disparity in the health between rich people drinking bottled
spring water and regular Vermonters drinking Lake Champlain
water which contains treated sewage, and which raises the phosphorous
level in Lake Champlain.
RESOURCE 1, to support the fact that we must stop dumping
treated sewage into Lake Champlain to reduce phosphorous.
In metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, phosphorus coming into
streams from point sources, primarily wastewater-treatment
facilities, have caused West Point Lake to become highly
eutrophic (“enriched”).  A sign of this is excess algae in the lake.
U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological Survey
Contact Information: Howard Perlman
Monday, 27-Jul-2015 14:42:31 EDT
RESOURCE 2, to support the fact that we must stop dumping
treated sewage into Lake Champlain to reduce phosphorous.
The Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant was the single largest
contributor of phosphorus to Lake Erie. It may well still be the largest
single contributor of phosphorous to Lake Erie.
The Detroit wastewater plant canceled a contract to reduce overflows
due to the lack of funding.  Also, there are many articles in Michigan papers
about corruption in operations of the Detroit wastewater plant.
There are reports of failed equipment and understaffing which
results in treatment failures.  There are ongoing legal proceedings
on this matter. There appears to be no independent
analysis of the phosphorous loads from DTWWP to Lake Erie and
whether DTWWP is meeting the targeted .5 mg/l load.
RESOURCE 3, to support the fact that we must stop dumping treated
sewage into Lake Champlain to reduce phosphorous.
Most of the excess phosphorus entering Lake Erie comes from two sources:
the effluent from sewage treatment plants (STPs) and tributaries that
receive agricultural runoff from farmland.
RESOURCE 4, to support the fact that we must stop dumping treated sewage
into Lake Champlain to reduce phosphorous.
should not have aluminum salts dumped into it.
Lake sediments, contaminated by years of effluent discharge from a
nearby wastewater treatment facility, were the source of internal phosphorous
loading. The Clean Lakes Program, section 314
of the Clean Water Act, provides assistance to states
for identifying and restoring lakes that are water-quality-impaired.
The effectiveness of aluminum salts application rests on
the ability of aluminum to form complexes, chelates, and insoluble precipitates with
phosphorus, thereby removing it from the water column and depositing it in the
sediment in forms unusable by phytoplankton. Depending on pH, phosphorus
concentration, aluminum concentration, and the rate at which additional phosphorus
is supplied, aluminum salts can provide long-term inactivation of sediment phosphorus.
Furthermore, aluminum has been shown to have no toxicity to aquatic life at the pH and
dose necessary for lake restoration.  Although not all forms of
phosphorus (e.g., dissolved organic phosphates) are removed by aluminum salts
application, this methodology has proven to be an effective strategy for phosphorus
inactivation in many water-quality-impaired lakes.
RESOURCE 5, to support the fact that we must stop dumping treated sewage
into Lake Champlain to reduce phosphorous.
Reducing phosphorus inputs to lakes can affect the amount of algae
in the lake by removing a key nutrient. In some lakes, like Lake Washington in Seattle,
nutrient diversion meant diverting sewage from this lake. Depending on the project,
major engineering may be required at great expense and other receiving waters
may be affected by the nutrient-rich water.
CRIS ERICSON argues that the EPA and Stephen Perkins should ask President Obama for a major funding administration policy to re-route treated sewage from Vermont, New York and
Canada, south to industrial uses and to the Atlantic Ocean, and protect
Lake Champlain for drinking water because only 3 percent of the world’s
water is fresh water, and our populations are growing, so we need to protect
Lake Champlain for drinking water.
within 150 miles of Lake Champlain from which one-third of Vermonters
draw their drinking water because building it in Vermont, New York or
Canada within any storm drainage run-off or natural gas pipeline
explosion area of Lake Champlain would increase phosphorous to the lake.
Fracking can cause Property Damage to plumbing and pipes.
Natural gas explosions from pipes and tubing bursts result in further
property damage, and distribution systems become bacteriological
incubators during warm weather months because the “fracking” causes
the sludge and debris to flush into Creeks, Streams, Rivers, and other
habitat areas, forcing more phosphorous into the storm drainage system,
and from there into Lake Champlain.
PLEASE NOTE: “Natural Gas” is NOT natural, it is fracked, a process
whereby chemicals are forced into the ground to expose the gas,
and the groundwater is then polluted, destroying residential
neighborhoods nearby, and contaminating local lakes and ponds.
A mixture of millions of gallons of water,
chemically treated sand and toxic chemicals
is injected under high pressure into drilling well.
Toxic fracking fluid spills from pipes, open valves
and transporting vehicles and contaminates local
Fracking fluid leaks through fissures and
contaminates aquifer.
Fracking fluid is pumped 7000 feet or more
down and a similar distance horizontally to
release NATURAL GAS.
Inside the NATURAL GAS producing rock formation,
proppants like chemically treated sand and ceramic
keep fractures open.  Fracking fluid injected at high
pressure creates fractures and releases
The majority of fracking fluid remains in the
ground and is NOT biodegradable.
High pressure creates more fractures,
releases methane gas and forces
toxic fracking fluid upwards.
Toxic fracking fluids, benzene, methane, and
other CARCINOGENS pierce and POLLUTE
Residential wells pump water, which is unsafe
for use, from contaminated aquifers into homes.
Concentrated methane gas creates
flammable water and poisonous fumes.
Toxic fracking fluid waste is dumped
in poorly constructed, and sometimes
unlined pits, and seeps into local
waterway and aquifers.
in Lake Champlain from which one-third of Vermonters draw their
drinking water:  because the invasive species acquire immunity to the
chemicals and then increase the amount of phosphorous in the lake.
Also, the invasive species that have not yet acquired immunity to
glyphosate and other Monsanto chemicals, die, and become
nutrition for more phosphorous growth.  Also, by buying Monsanto
chemicals, the State of Vermont is supporting an industry they
simultaneously have legal court actions against to force GMO
genetically modified food labelling on products, so the State of
Vermont is paying for Monsanto’s legal fees by buying their
from which one-third of Vermonters draw their drinking water:
because they are never 100% purely cleaned when they arrive from
out-of-state and they bring with them eggs, seeds, spores, tiny root
fibers and cleaning chemicals not completely rinsed off, and these
increase the amount of phosphorous in the lake,
as well as pollute the peoples’ drinking water with unconscionable
amounts of leaked gas and oil.


By Cris Ericson, 879 Church Street, Chester, Vermont 05143-9375
Submitted to:
Stephen Perkins, Lake Champlain TMDL Project Manager
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 – New England
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
Mail Code OEP06-3
Boston, MA 02109-3912
Phone: (617) 918-1501 Email:
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is extending the public comment period
on the Phosphorus, Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for the twelve Vermont segments
of Lake Champlain until October 15, 2015.
For further information or to submit comments please contact:
Stephen Perkins, Lake Champlain TMDL Project Manager
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 – New England
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
Mail Code OEP06-3
Boston, MA 02109-3912
Phone: (617) 918-1501 Email:
Region 1: EPA New England!
EPA Extends Public Comment Period on Phosphorus Limits
for Vermont Segments of Lake Champlain
Release Date: 09/09/2015
Contact Information: Public Affairs Office (617) 918-1010
Please vote for me, Cris Ericson, for United States Senator
for Vermont 2016, and I’ll sponsor a Bill to re-route treated
sewage away from Lake Champlain. This will create jobs
and promote good health.
WNYT Ques. # 4
Hi! I’m Cris Ericson, candidate for U.S. Senator for Vermont, and I
support an entirely new plan for education, to supplement teachers
in the classroom, and to help parents who home-school their children,
and to promote independent study for children and adults.
If you elect me to the United States Senate I will sponsor a Bill to
make a public library online with every single text book on every
subject for which the copyright has expired so that the public can
use these freely.  There are already some online libraries, but
they are hard to find in search engines if you don’t know what words
to search for. I will make certain that the new library is easy to
find on search engines.
The difference in the library I will create as compared to
other libraries, is that I am specifically looking for all text books
for which the copyrights have expired, so the texts can be used
freely by the public.
This Bill will also create the first really free college education.
The next step is to encourage people to study text books independently
and join online social media groups to support their studies.
The Bill I would sponsor would include doing advertisements and
commercials to promote free online study groups and to create
an online study group in the Library of Congress.
Then we need places for students, including independent students,
to take tests to prove they have learned the knowledge from a text book.
If you elect me, Cris Ericson, to the United States Senate,
I will sponsor a Bill to not only provide free text books online in a public library that can easily be found in search engines, under common word searches, but also to provide
adults with free public testing at government sites, such as federal courts,
where the public can go to take the tests online, and have their
fingerprints or eye scan taken to prove who is taking the test,
and receive a certificate that they have learned a subject,
so, that they can use that certificate to prove they have learned
a subject, or to help find employment, or to qualify to be admitted to college.
Also, I would like to sponsor a Bill in the United States Senate
to provide jobs creating instructional movie videos for grades K – 12
and for each standard college subject. Because these movie videos
would be paid for by taxpayer dollars, under work-made-for-hire
Copyright laws, the taxpayers, the American public, would
own all rights to these videos, and they would be distributed
to every classroom in the United States for each grade level.
This would provide across the board standards for teaching
each subject.  The teachers would learn how to teach, and the
students would learn the subject.   All too often in Teachers’
Colleges today, the teachers are not taught how to teach.
This Bill would create jobs and create Hollywood quality movie videos
filmed all over the world, and create video games based
on each instructional movie video.
We can’t afford to be shy about moving forward into a high tech
teaching environment. Please vote for me, Cris Ericson,
for U.S. Senator for Vermont.
WNYT Ques. # 5
Hi! My name is Cris Ericson and I am a candidate for
United States Senator for Vermont, and I want you to
vote for me so I can go to Washington, D.C. and
straighten a few twisted heads out, and make them
see the error of their ways regarding the National Debt.
Our biggest expense is what it should be,
national defense. But, this valid expenditure for our
U.S. Military has made some defense contractors
mega-multi-millionaire, and even billionaires.  That’s
the part that makes no common sense, particularly
since our war Veterans are lacking a lot of medical
and dental treatment, and many are homeless.
Taxpayers pay taxes, the U.S. Congress votes to
give billions of tax dollars to the Pentagon, then the
Pentagon gives millions and millions of your tax dollars
to each defense contractor for research and development
of new weapons systems and improvements of
existing weapons and jets like the F-35 strike fighter jet
series, which is designed to be dual capable to
carry nuclear weapons, even though you thought that
the public decided a long time ago to end nuclear
Then guess what happens? Defense contractors
which received your taxpayer dollars
from the Pentagon, which received your taxpayer dollars
from the U.S. Congress, then pay (your taxpayer dollars)
to their PACs, political action committees,
and, millions to their lobbyists, and the PACs give
money to your U.S. Congresspersons, and the lobbyists
wine and dine your U.S. Congresspersons (House of
Representatives and U.S. Senate).  So, your tax dollars
have come full circle and lots and lots of them have ended
up in the pockets of U.S. Senators and Congressmen
and Congresswomen. Does that sound like a money
laundering scheme to you?  It certainly sounds like a
money laundering scheme to me, and it is costing you
so much money that it deepens the National Debt, year
after year, lobbyists paid for by defense contractors who
got the money from the Pentagon who got it from the
U.S. Congress who got the money from you, the taxpayers,
are wining and dining your U.S. Senator
and Congress people on shrimp and the most expensive
wines, vodka, and whiskey in Washington, D.C.
We can’t afford this money laundering scheme any more,
it must stop. It isn’t just the Pentagon, it is every group
the U.S. Congress votes to give your tax dollars to,
whether it be Planned Parenthood which happily kills your
grandchildren for profit, or any other group which receives
taxpayer dollars and then uses part of those dollars to
hire lobbyists to wine and dine the members of the
United States Congress, House and Senate, and uses
part of your taxpayer dollars to pay their PACs, political
action committees, to give campaign contributions to
members of the U.S. Congress. Your tax dollars’ go
full circle into the pockets and stomachs of your elected
representatives, and this is money laundering, and it has
to stop.
If you elect me, Cris Ericson, to the United States Senate,
I will sponsor a Bill to require that every single entity, whether it be a defense contractor or
non-profit or a university or college, every single entity which
receives tax payer dollars shall be required to divulge all
of their bank accounts, all their foreign bank accounts, all
their assets, under penalty of perjury, just like people
applying for SNAP program food stamps or fuel assistance
for low income people. Low income people who apply
for benefits, must divulge all their bank accounts and
assets under penalty of perjury, and rich people who run
non-profit organizations and universities and colleges
and defense contractors and highway construction contractors
should be held to the same standards as poor people.
Also, my Bill will require that any entity or corporation
or non-profit or university or college that receives
taxpayer dollars shall not pay anyone any salary higher
than the equivalent salary paid to a government employee.
No more mega-million dollar salaries paid for by taxpayers!
Vote for me, Cris Ericson, and I will bring in a new era of
equality under the law whereby rich people and wealthy
entities must comply with the same standards as poor
people, and I guarantee you that will reduce the National Debt.
Ques. # 6
In asking this question, WNYT presumes facts not in evidence,
and this is an error.
I’m Cris Ericson, candidate for United States Senator for Vermont,
and I certainly do not support the regulation of guns which have
already passed in some states and in the U.S. Congress,
in particular, those that deprive medical marijuana patients of their
right to own a gun, and laws, rules or regulations that prohibit
our war Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from
owning guns.
I believe your gun permit is the U.S. Constitution and all
laws, rules and regulations prohibiting you in any way from
exercising your right to self-defense are un-Constitutional.
If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, she will likely start wars
because she has already proven her blood thirsty attitude when
she promoted bombing an area around Tripoli, Libya, while
simultaneously, you could see on the internet, there were children
at the beach in Tripoli with their mothers, colored beach balls and
colored beach umbrellas, all while Hillary Clinton promoted
bombing them, and then President Barack Obama did bomb them.
My revulsion, and total and complete disgust with Hillary Clinton
and President Barack Obama began when relatives of mine
went to visit a beach in Italy, and Italy is just across the
Mediterranean Sea from the beach resorts in Tripoli, Libya.
I was totally and completely horrified, worrying if solar flares,
which can disrupt signals, would mis-guide a bomb to the
beaches in Italy, where my precious little relatives were.
Nothing made more clear to me the blood thirsty, sickening
revulsion I have for unnecessary bombing, and the callous
and shockingly un-Constitutional aggression of Hillary Clinton
and President Barack Obama for bombing around an innocent
tourist resort beach area of Tripoli, Libya.
Now, for all the bombs the United States has supplied
to foreign fighting groups allegedly killing in our best interest,
we have multiplied the number of people who hate the
United States of America. President Barack Obama and
Hillary Clinton will keep the borders of the U.S.A. wide open
for them to come in, and you had better be prepared,
you had better have self-defense ready at hand to protect
your home and your family.
If you elect me, Cris Ericson, to the United States Senate, I
guarantee you that I will sponsor a Bill to repeal all laws,
codes, statutes, rules and regulations that interfere with your
Constitutional rights to have and to hold and to carry,
concealed or openly, guns and rifles to
protect your home and your family. The United States
Constitution is your gun permit. Take back America!
Ques. # 7
Hi! My name is Cris Ericson and I want your vote for United States Senator,
and I want to convince you that we must take care of our own homeless
war Veterans and find homes for them before we take in any more foreigners.
We must temporarily halt all immigration. Our United States Military is so
weak right now that the news is filled daily with more suicides of our own
war Veterans.  Late night radio talk shows complain that our own war Veterans
aren’t even getting dental treatment.  We must stop Hillary Clinton’s plans to
open our borders and further decay our U.S. Military by the psychological
warfare of letting our own war Veterans sleep homeless on the streets of
Los Angeles and all over the United States.
If you elect me to the United States Senate I will sponsor a Bill to
build log cabins in areas of the United States with large forests, for example
Vermont, which is over 50% (almost 75 percent) forested.   War Veterans
have anxiety over being in apartment buildings because they are tuned in
to sounds from other apartments because of their war experiences and
self defense training.   They need to have their own home.   They might
be most comfortable surrounded by woods, listening to birds sing.
I will write a Bill to use federal prison labor to go to forests and build
log cabins with solar panel roofs for each homeless war Veteran,
and space them on two-acre forest sections for privacy, and give them
gardening tools, a small barn and one cow, two hogs and some chickens.
The U.S. Military war Veterans risked their lives for us, now it is time
to do something for them. 
We can help foreign refugees by identifying areas of the globe which
have extremely low populations, and buy land for them, but leave them
to develop it themselves.  We can give them tents and fishing poles,
garden tools, seeds, but we don’t need to bring them to the United States
of America.   Our only moral obligation is to help war refugees get out
of war zones, not to invite them home with us because we have a
greater moral obligation to take care of Americans, around
2 million homeless people in the United States, and they are refugees, too.
The homeless people already in the U.S.A. are refugees from
economic justice.
Please vote for me, Cris Ericson, for United States Senator for Vermont,
and I will help the U.S. Congress get their priorities straight.
WNYT #8 What are some steps that could be taken to
bridge the racial divide in this country?

Hi! I’m Cris Ericson, candidate for U.S. Senator for Vermont.
Vermont is a state that is 94% white Caucasian, and is known
for discriminating against people of color, with police arresting
people of color at a higher rate than white Caucasians.
I have a variety of experience living in neighborhoods of color.
I was born in Washington, D.C. I lived during my married
years in Los Angeles, California. One of my Uncles, Reverend
Henry Warren Kunce, was a Presbyterian Minister who,
in the 1960s, started a Church in the Miami area
that both white Caucasian people and people
of color were invited to worship in. The KKK burnt down his
garage. We ran outside, I got in the family station wagon,
in the front seat in the middle, there were no seat belts back then,
and I could read the note on the window facing me, it was a serious threat.
Ten years after my mother died, I started going through old
boxes. I knew there was some family history of owning a Slave,
but I didn’t know how many. I scanned and posted some of the
heart breaking documents on under the title:
Puzzle Pieces of Black American History. Some of the Slaves
were bought or sold while they were little children.
My grandfather, George Robert Ericson, was born on the Hemp
Lawn Farm on the Benson Pike in Shelbyville, Kentucky.
The Slaves were already gone by the time he came around.
But then something happened, about 1937 the government of
the United States made hemp and marijuana illegal. This
created a new form of slavery: arresting people for marijuana
and making them do hard labor in prison.

I think that we must start at the very beginning to bridge the
racial divide, and to me, that means that city and town
police officers should only be allowed to work in the zip code
that they reside in. County sheriffs should only be allowed
to work in the county they reside in.
Trust someone, vote for me, Cris Ericson for U.S. Senator for Vermont.
Ques. # 9.
Hi! I’m Cris Ericson, candidate for U.S. Senator for Vermont,
and I do have a plan for free college, please read my response
to Question # 4, “Do you support common core standards for students?”
because in that question I lay out my plan for free college education.
Now, as to students who currently owe debt, we should look at them
in a manner, like people under age 18 who, when charged with a
crime, are often held in court and tried as adults. I find this
unconscionable. I also believe that so long as under-age minors
can be tried as adults in criminal courts, then college students
can be held liable for their college debts.  It is a matter of equal
treatment under the law.   If uneducated teenagers charged with
crimes can be tried as adults, then educated people over age
18 should be held liable for their debts; otherwise you are coddling
rich kids while over-punishing poor kids.  This is an outrage!
WNYT QUES. # 10.
10) How do we curb welfare abuse?

Hi! I’m Cris Ericson and I want to be the next
United States Senator for Vermont. Welfare abuse
is often what government imposes upon citizens,
and not what citizens are doing to government.
Vermonters are having a hard time getting around
because so many of them are on Social Security Disability benefits
and many collect SSI. When they received their SSI statement
of benefits last winter, it said that if they have over
$2,000. in their bank account that they will lose their
benefits. This means that they cannot save enough
money to buy a decent car; they can only buy a car
that is the cheapest and will break down over and over
again; meaning, they won’t be able to hold down a job
and get off “benefits”. This is one of the “benefits
traps”, and in the future, I will write an entire book
about government imposed “benefits traps”.
When you look at it from the point of view of the
registered voters in Vermont, it is the government
committing welfare abuse against the citizens in the
form of “benefits traps.”
Vermont is a rural state,
and many towns have little in the way of public
transportation. If you live four miles up a dirt road,
and many people do, you need a car. If you say that
people can just move to cities in Vermont, you are
in error. The largest city in Vermont is Burlington at
a population under 60,000 people, and the rents are
so high that only the highest income people can afford
to live there.
It’s a little like Beverly Hills, California
where the household help and property caretakers
often live a long bus ride away in a poor neighborhood;
the difference being that they have buses that go all
over Los Angeles, even though they are painfully slow
and on hot days you can pick up all kinds of infections
being crammed into a hot bus without adequate
Look how many people moved to New York City from
rural areas hoping to find jobs and housing, all to end
up living in the sewer. Really, homeless people do that in NYC.
Many Vermonters feel that “welfare abuse” is when the
government gives huge subsidies, paid for by taxpayers,
to wealthy entities, often called “corporate welfare.”
When large “factory” farms receive “corporate welfare”
they are using taxpayer dollars to push smaller farms
out of business. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
But the wealthy farms don’t deserve to be wealthy by
taking taxpayer dollars to subsidize their farming activities.
This is a con game to force more people onto SNAP program
food stamps.
When I was young there were 25,000 farms
in Vermont, now, there are about 2,000 farms. Most of the
families who lost their farms would rather grow their own
food and raise their own animals, rather than have to apply
every year for SNAP program food stamps. Human dignity
is lost every time the U.S. Congress votes to give farm
subsidies to big farms, while excluding the smallest farms,
thereby forcing more small farms go out of business, and
more people have to apply for SNAP program food stamps
Another problem for people is zoning codes which often
prohibit allowing chicken coops, pig barns, and plowing
up your front yard to grow corn in residential neighborhoods.
It is the fault of local zoning administrators, forcing people
to apply for SNAP program food stamps because they
won’t allow low income property owners to use their property
to supply themselves and their family members with food.
This is a clearly a form of “welfare abuse” when a family
owns the land their house sits on, but they can’t build a
chicken coop or a pig barn or a cow barn for one cow or
plow their yard up and plant tomatoes and collard greens
and pole beans; so they are forced to apply for SNAP
program food stamps, not because they couldn’t provide
themselves with food if they were allowed a teeny- tiny farm,
but because their local government zoning codes won’t allow them to.
Now, you can say the family knew what the local zoning
ordinances were when they moved there; but what happens
a dozen years or more later when one of their kids goes to
college and all of a sudden they are sinking in debt and
close to foreclosure? Why is our nation so arrogant and
so heartless that we have made “appearances” of manicured
lawns more important than feeding families?
I want to be elected to the United States Senate, and I want
you to vote for me so I can get there.
Trust someone, vote Cris Ericson.
QUES. # 11.
Hi! I’m Cris Ericson, candidate for U.S. Senator for Vermont,
and I believe President Obama has done a good job recently
on working with other countries to lower greenhouse gas
emissions by changing the way refrigerators and air
conditioners work.
If I am elected to the U.S. Senate I will support programs
to put satellites in orbit and on the moon and Mars to
study the Earth, because in the long, long run, these
programs will be cost-effective in saving lives.
Science is serious business.
Ques. # 12.
Hi! I’m Cris Ericson, candidate for U.S. Senator for Vermont,
and I want you to know that there already is a litmus test for
nominees for the Supreme Court of the United States,
and it’s called electing the right person for President,
because the President of the United States of America is
the person responsible for nominating Justices for life terms.
Please take your obligation to vote seriously.  Thank you.
WNYT #13
13) Do you support the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement?

Hi! I’m candidate Cris Ericson for U.S. Senator for Vermont.
I sincerely believe that the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement
will take jobs away from Americans, while coddling over-seas
factory owners who pay teenage girls to work for sub-minimum
wages, some forced to be locked into rooms at night until they
pay back what their employer claims is the cost of training them.

Last year I received an email from attorney Orly Taitz, Esq.
who lives in California, regarding the Trans-Pacific Trade
Agreement. I edited her email to make it shorter and to the
point, and sent it in as a Letter to the Editor of The Vermont
Journal, and they published it on July 8, 2015. I felt
encouraged that the local Windsor County, VT newspaper
had published it, and so I started trying to find a way to do
something about what lawyer Taitz said needed to be done.
…”the Congressional rule, which allows any congressman to
bring directly to the floor of the House a motion of non-
confidence in the Speaker, saying the Speaker is ‘disabled’,
which triggers immediate new vote for the new Speaker.
Boeher is the Speaker…”

So, I thought, who should bring this motion to the floor?
And I went through news articles on the internet searching
for just the right U.S. Congressperson to do the job.
I checked some of their backgrounds, I checked some of
their astrological positions, and I checked their relationships
with the person who was Speaker then, John Boehner.
I chose U.S. Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina.
I called his home office in Hendersonville, NC and explained
that I was calling from Vermont, I’m a Vermont registered
voter and resident of Vermont, and the reason I’m calling
U.S. Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina is that
we have no Republican representation in the entire United
States Congress from Vermont. U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy
is a Democrat, U.S. Congressman Peter Welch is a Democrat,
and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders runs in the Democratic
Primary and takes all the Democrats money, and then switches
to “independent” just before the election (legal to do so in VT).
And then I explained that the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement
must be stopped and therefore the current Speaker of the
House, John Boehner, must be ousted. I explained how
Attorney Taitz stated in her email this could be done. I said
thank you for listening, good bye.
Three weeks later, on about July 28, 2015, U.S. Congressman
Mark Meadows of North Carolina filed a motion to “vacate the
chair”, to oust John Boehner, and John Boehner resigned.
My phone bill for that one call was 8.1 minutes.
I decided I’m ready to be elected to the United States Senate
because I know how to pick up the telephone and get
something done.

Trust someone, vote for me,
Cris Ericson,
United States Marijuana Party

CRIS ERICSON (802)875-4038
CELL PHONE (802)289-1000
Source: Cris Ericson for Vermont 2016! – U.S. Marijuana Party