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The Government’s regulated and incorporated war on Cannabis has destroyed the Country we live in by replacing what is a totally natural substance with a host of chemical compounds for our every need…

Mass marketed to us through media and all types of industries it has made its way through our bodies and minds and also our Children’s. We have been enslaved into a system of control that goes beyond most people’s understanding. Our very lives are controlled by the food and pharmaceuticals which we purchase, and consume and have become accustomed to over time and are expected to use.

The problem is that the chemicals are killing us – and the Planet we live on, but the Cannabis can help to save the environment as well as us – if allowed to do so.

Most all of our food and useful plants have been wrapped up into the “new world order” under the United Nations and Agenda 21 which is responsible for the treaties associated with the control.

The U.S. Marijuana Party maintains websites and social networking to further the outreach of Cannabis related news and information as well as promoting for the repeal of the Controlled Substance Act with particular regard to Cannabis/Hemp, but for any other naturally growing plant as well.

The U.S. Marijuana Party also maintains a Platform which explains our views on some major issues.

Basic Human Rights for everyone is the ultimate goal.

Information is the key.



Kentucky – Sheree Krider

In 2003 I started my quest for knowledge regarding Cannabis and Medical Cannabis.  I had previously raised two daughters and was taking care of my parents.  In 2001 shortly before my Father’s death he had called me and asked me if I could get him “a little pot” (at 84 years old) because he thought “It might make me feel better”.  Because I did not know anything about the usage of Medical Cannabis I was afraid to let him have it.  I have regretted that decision but at the time I knew no better.

In 2005 I met Ms. Tonya Davis and accompanied her to a few meetings and festivals in Ohio.  There I met Lynne Wilson and also Rev. Mary Thomas Spears who has become one of my closest friends since then.

I remember asking Tonya in 2005 if there was a political way to beat the beast so to speak, and asked her about “REPEAL”  but at the time most people were in to “Legalization”.

I went home, looked up the U.S. Marijuana Party and made a phone call to Richard Rawlings.  I had posted on the then but it had been taken down right before I contacted him and in fact that was my reason for calling, to find out what happened to “Kentucky”.

It so happened that this was about the same time as the inquiry into Marc Emery was being made by the U.S. DEA for shipping Cannabis seeds by mail to the U.S.  At the time I knew nothing about what was going on.

Richard put the Kentucky site back up and gave me “Administrator” status over it.  That was the beginning of my journey with the U.S. Marijuana Party.

From the beginning I was a “Repealer” and posted as such on the Kentucky site.  But it would be a number of years before the Party itself crossed over to being a true repeal group.

About 20 or more States were lost after Marc Emery was indicted.  I stayed on.

Eventually in 2010 Richard offered me “V.P.” status which I hesitantly accepted because I never wanted to be a “politician”, it just was not my “line of work” so to speak.  However, I did accept and we continued on with the USMjParty even though there was no income to be had for doing it.  It was a passion and a way of life – not one to collect “funds” from.

In 2011 Richard started to become ill and by the later part of 2011 I was forced into making a decision I did not want to make but it was “part of the job”.  I called Bill Chengelis who was the Colorado Chair at the time and asked him to take Richard’s place as “Head Chairman” of the USMjParty.  I would remain on as the Kentucky Chair until the position could be filled by someone else – but that never happened.

By 2012 Richard was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer and we stayed together until his death in February 2013.  He left me with all of the websites and the USMjParty.

I did not want to be “Head Chair” so I decided that I would change my position considering what I had been left with to “Organizer” and “Kentucky Chair” of the USMjParty.

Since then I have focused around all the other people who have came in and out of the USMjParty as State Chairs and ran the websites.

Today we push for REPEAL of the CSA as well as other Federal and U.N. laws which continue to make this plant an “illegal substance” even though it has been “legalized” in 23+ States though technically it is still an illegal substance under Federal and U.N. law and that law has yet to be changed.

REPEAL is the only path to true freedom of this plant.  If we let “legalization” and CSA Schedule II take it over we have lost the war for the common person who wishes to grow their own on their own property without taxation.



Colorado – William (Bill) Chengelis

Wayward Bill Chengelis has been a political activist all his adult life. He started out with the Democratic Party at the age of 12. He joined the White Panther Party in 1969 in the campaign to free John Sinclair the then party head who received 10 years for two marijuana joints.

Through the years Wayward Bill Chengelis has been active in Yippie, the ACLU, the Democratic Party, S.A.F.E.R., Sensible Colorado, NORML, and the US Marijuana Party. Recently he has taken an interest in Coloradans 4 Cannabis Patient Rights.

He was born on February 21, 1951 and went to Youngstown State University studying political science, constitutional law, and journalism although he never finished to receive a degree. He is also a Vietnam era war US Army Veteran. He was honorably discharged in 1974. Wayward Bill Chengelis currently is considered disabled (crippled left hand, bi-polar, PTSD) and lives on a meager VA non-service connected disability pension. He is a licensed medical cannabis patient for severe pain in his left hand. He knows first-hand the discrimination by both VA and HUD invoked on cannabis patients.

Wayward Bill Chengelis has been a stringer for Rolling Stone, Managing Editor/Writer, Amateur Brewer, and a writer/clipper for Unbroken Chain. He has also been an active blogger since 2005 with his personal blog, Deadheads United™. Wayward Bill Chengelis is a firm believer of internet networking. He is popular on Facebook with over 5000 friends and also has had a fan create a fan page for him.

Wayward Bill Chengelis is considered a force to be reckoned with in the Re-legalize Cannabis Movement and is one of the most active front liners in the Colorado Cannabis Movement. He often refers to himself as a “Marijuana Mercenary” because he knows every pro-weed agenda and is willing to stand side by side with anyone who knows that the end of day mission is the re-legalization, regulation, taxation of commercial (hemp), medical, and recreational marijuana.

On December 19, Wayward Bill was voted Mister Cannabis Colorado by the Colorado Cannabis Business Alliance at their first ever awards ceremony.

As a national speaker his credits are:

Annual Smoke-in in Washington, DC. July 4, 2010, 2011 & 2012,

Cannabis Festival, Denver, CO, Aug. 21, 2010,

Hempfest, Seattle, WA, Aug 18, 19, 20, 2011,

Hempstalk, Portland, OR, Sep 9 & 10, 2011,

Mom for Marijuana Cannabis Quilt Regional Conference, Washington, DC, Oct 15, 2012

On the state and local level he speaks frequently plus testifies at Denver City Council meetings/hearings and Colorado State Legislature hearings on anything marijuana.

Quote: (Wayward Bill), “Being asked to speak on the 4th of July in our nation’s capital was truly an honor. The time for re-legalization is now and I am playing a bit part in something momentous. So big that I predict that we will have legal weed in Colorado by 2012.”

During his speech at Cannabis Festival, Denver, CO, Aug 21, 2010 as Chairman, US Marijuana Party of Colorado he instituted Cannabis Habitation Colorado. A vision of moving people to Colorado so that Colorado could become the first Free Cannabis State in the union. To date he has assisted over 400 people in that move. He believes that the population numbers of Colorado are small enough that by adding cannabis minded votes to the state we could possibly become like British Columbia. Denver could become Denvcouver.

In July of 2011, Wayward Bill Chengelis became the Chairman of the US Marijuana Party. He stills holds the seat of Chairman of the US Marijuana Party of Colorado and in Dec 2012 was added to the Board of Directors for Overgrow The Government. He currently is in the process of restructuring the US Marijuana Party. He added 3 new state chapters in 2012.

Wayward Bill Chengelis hopes to make it a true political party with chapter in every state. He says, “I have a lot of work ahead of me but I believe that there is a true need for a political party whose only agenda is the legalization of cannabis and the end to the drug war against a plant that can save the planet!”

In his off time you will find Wayward Bill Chengelis involved in volunteering at most major Denver events. He says, “It just isn’t about pot, it’s about community.” Why focus on one thing when you can look at the bigger picture? I love Denver and I know that Denver loves me. We have a respect for each other so to speak.”

Thinking ahead Wayward Bill is looking forward to watching the dominos fall in the rebirth of cannabis as a medicine, time outer, and products too numerous to list. He was one of many active in the implementation of Colorado Amendment 64, Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol which overwhelming was passed by popular vote Nov 6, 2012. Helping make Colorado one of two states to crack the Cannabis Ceiling.

After all is done he intends to work on something simpler like world peace or maybe feeding the hungry. He regrets having only one life and so little time. He embraces all that is free.

Illinois – Richard Rawlings               (deceased Feb 24, 2013)

 Former “President” of USMjParty

Mr. Richard Rawlings was a “cannabis activist” all of his adult life.  Actively participating in the re-legalize movement via several of his own personal blogs prior to taking the position of the second President of the USMjParty in 2004.  His first website for the USMjParty was as the Chairman of the State of Illinois via the Illinois Marijuana Party in @2003.

Richard J. Rawlings President of the U.S. Marijuana Party from 2004 thru 2011, second only to LORETTA NALL as she maintained the “party” from about 2002 until 2004 when it was handed to Mr. Rawlings.

Mr. Rawlings ran for congressional offices in Peoria, Illinois several times and organized 420 Events and spoke at numerous gatherings in a number of states concerning re-legalization.

When he became ill in 2011 the position was passed to Wayward “Bill” Chengelis in Colorado as “Head Chairman” of USMjParty.  At that time Sheree Krider had been active VP of USMjParty and Kentucky Chair.  The plan was for Sheree Krider to step down from V.P. and remain as Kentucky Chair only.  That never happened as no one was found to take over that position.

As the “owner” of the URL’s and and Logo for the USMjParty he did before his death in 2013 turn over all ownership of those URL’s and Logo to Sheree Krider which is documented by his son and notarized and on file.

 OBITUARY:  BARTONVILLE – Richard James Rawlings, 51, of Bartonville passed away Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013, at his residence.

He was born July 20, 1961, in Peoria to Richard Thomas and Norma J. Hagan Rawlings.

He is survived by his son, Richard Wallace Rawlings of Bartonville; mother, Norma Hanley of Bartonville; father, Richard T. (Shirley) Rawlings of Little America; partner with whom he made his home, Sheree Krider of Bartonville; sisters, Kandy (Kurt) Anderson of Dunlap, Rae (Randy) Friederich of Bartonville, Robin (Gary) Jackson of East Peoria and Ragan (Jason) Elam of South Pekin; stepsisters, Deanna (Buddy) Hoopingarner of Hanna City, Alice (Scott) Payne of Bartonville, Cathy (Clifford) Haggard of Trivoli and Barbara (John) Bruntrup of Trivoli; and stepbrother, Timber Isbell of Jefferson City, Mo.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents.

Richard was an avid Chicago Bears fan. He enjoyed cookouts with family and friends and watching NASCAR.

He was a former president of USMJP.

Cremation has been accorded, and a celebration of life will be from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday, March 2, 2013, at Jim Dandy Lounge in Bartonville.

Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society in his name.

The Cremation Society of Mid-Illinois Co. Pekin/Peoria is assisting the family with arrangements.

Online condolences may be made at

Published in Peoria Journal Star from Feb. 27 to Mar. 1, 2013

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Maryland – Jeffrey Kabik


Oregon – Jim Johnson  


Pennsylvania– Tom Johnson

I left the Democratic Party the day President Obama said the US Constitution was imperfect & flawed. I moved to separate myself from the L/R nonsense and found a home at the U.S. Marijuana Party.  I believe in Liberty, the choice for you as an educated adult to make your own choices on Marijuana, Gay Rights and to even pick your own healthcare provider.  This was supposed to be the “Sweet Land of Liberty” and from where I sit, it’s nowhere to be found.  For me, this fight is more than Marijuana, it’s about Freedom & Liberty.  I work from an educational position to remove the stigma’s of long past so the people can be informed and make their own decisions based on truth, and not fears.

Texas – Chuck Miller


Utah – Robert (Bob) Hawthorne 


Hawaii – Kenneth Peeler