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  1. Surry MMJ (@Surry_MMJ)
    June 19, 2013 @ 10:19 am

    First off let me say that I have been a Christian all of my life and have read the bible front to back 10 times now. How many have you? Did he not tell us in first in Gen. 1:29 that he created every herb that bears it’s own seed for us it shall be as food. (GOOD) Ok, So David are you STILL judging a plant that our gracious Father created for us as food. Or can I stop here, NO I will keep going.

    This whole thing started with the “Reefer Madness” horse yeah that pile. And implemented with Ronald Reagan. His whole term was about one thing sales of cocaine, meth, and heroin yeah and we see where that got us. Big Gangs and murder in the streets.

    His big thing was Just say no. His whole campaign was based on lies and misinformation of “Cannabis “suffocated” monkeys that they pumped the EQ. of 50 ‘HIGH’ pun intended; quality columbian joints in 10 minutes, 5 times a day for 2 weeks and the bodies of people lying in the streets and under bridges from the use of what! Cannabis? Never going to happen GOD made it all you have to do is grow it. Then you will have all that you need to handle anything that ills you. (Other than ignorance, sorry WWW READ!!!) Knowledge and Information is what?? Come on you know the answer right? Do you read your bible or go to a fashion show and listen to someone tell you what they got from a passage to give you a message.

    Be Careful how you answer that now David, its a trick question. Think about it, you are saying that just because, “a ADULT medicine, (you say tomato i say tamato) that GOD created (that should be controlled by someone more professional than a thug with a gun) a natural plant that is and has been cultivated for 10’s of thousands of years, that even grows in many countries in this world on the side of the street. (ST) That our creator thought enough about this particular plant ‘an herb’– ‘Cannabis’– to put receptors throughout our bodies for us to absorb, distribute and brake down the chemicals that are in the plant as the saying goes “Can’t Fix Stupid” the WWW consortium gave us. GOD’s last big show it’s about to happen you need to figure what side you are really on and shut your mouth about something you have no idea about.
    y message is simple GOD TOLD US THIS DAY WOULD COME. The day when I could say a name from our BIBLE but its better to just read your BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING ((THIS is always left out b/c your choice is what makes this one) EARTH) BECAUSE YOU WILL BE QUESTIONED FURTHER AND THIS DAY WILL MAKE YOUR SEAT BESIDE OUR FATHER…

    God’s favorite color is green why do you think he set it as his backdrop to watch us. Lets give him his favorite color and make this whole world green. Hell I’ll invest in strains on the moon. Just incase someone is in search of some new genetics. Freeze dried buds that our predecessors can find when we’re gone.

    Now a question to you David there is anger in that name for me sorry for giving you such a blessing but you had it coming… HOW LONG DID MOSES LIVE? and the last thing I will ask is How? I will tell you the secret when we talk.

    Love and Cannabis, Surry


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