Army Corps Threatens to Close Oceti Sakowin Camp on December 5th








Army Corps Threatens to Close Oceti Sakowin Camp on December 5th

Dallas Goldtooth,, (507)-412-7609
Jade Begay,, (505)-699-4791

Cannon Ball, ND – Today Colonel John W. Henderson of the United States Army Corps sent a letter to Dave Archambault II, the Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, stating that on December 5th all lands north of the Cannon Ball River will be closed to the general public. This includes the Oceti Sakowin encampment where nearly eight thousand people are camping to resist the Dakota Access Pipeline. Henderson said, “This decision is necessary to protect the general public from the violent confrontations between protestors and law enforcement officials.”

In response to the Army Corps’ letter Chairman Archambault and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe stated, “the best way to protect people during the winter, and reduce the risk of conflict between Water Protectors and militarized police, is to deny the easement for the Oahe crossing, and deny it now.”

The following is a statement from the Indigenous Environmental Network:

“We stand by our relatives of the Oceti Sakowin and reaffirm their territorial rights set in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. If the Corps wants to keep people safe and prevent further harm, then deny the easement, rescind the permit, order a full Environmental Impact Statement, and send Department of Justice observers. This decision by the Army Corp and the United States is short-sighted and dangerous. We have already seen critical injuries cased by the actions of a militarized law enforcement. We implore President Obama and the White House to take corrective measures and to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline once and for all.”
At 11:30am CST the Indigenous Environmental Network, Honor the Earth, The International Youth Council, and the Camp of the Sacred Stones will be holding a press conference at “Media Hill” within the Oceti Sakowin camp. IEN will be live streaming from its facebook page.


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Reality of Standing Rock


Published on Nov 22, 2016

Be a Creative Activist –
“The mainstream media is lying about what is happening at Standing Rock. As someone who was there, I confirm what the water protectors have been going through. We need water and we are done with big corporations hurting and destroying our environment for financial gain. This is not moral what’s so ever. People do terrible things to each other for money. Our world is being destroyed for money.” #NoDAPL #StandingRock
Credit: Normadic Sky
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Contact: Jade Begay,, (505)-699-4791

Cannon Ball – On November 20th at approximately 6PM CST over 100 Water Protectors from the Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone Camps mobilized to a nearby bridge to remove a barricade that was built by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and the State of North Dakota. This barricade, built after law enforcement raided the 1851 treaty camp, not only restricts North Dakota residents from using the 1806 freely but also puts the community of Cannon Ball, the camps, and the Standing Rock Tribe at risk as emergency services are unable to use that highway.
Water Protectors used a semi-truck to remove two burnt military trucks from the road and were successful at removing one truck from the bridge before police began to attack Water Protectors with tear gas, water canons, mace, rubber bullets, and sound cannons.

At 1:30am CST the Indigenous Rising Media team acquired an update from the Oceti Sakowin Medic team that nearly 200 people were injured, 12 people were hospitalized for head injuries, and one elder went into cardiac arrest at the front lines. At this time, law enforcement was still firing rubber bullets and the water cannon at Water Protectors. About 500 Water protectors gathered at the peak of the non-violent direct action.


The following is a statement from the Indigenous Environmental Network:

“The North Dakota law enforcement are cowards. Those who are hired to protect citizens attacked peaceful water protectors with water cannons in freezing temperatures and targeted their weapons at people’s’ faces and heads.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department, the North Dakota State Patrol, and the Governor of North Dakota are committing crimes against humanity. They are accomplices with the Dakota Access Pipeline LLC and its parent company Energy Transfer Partners in a conspiracy to protect the corporation’s illegal activities.

Anyone investing and bankrolling these companies are accomplices. If President Obama does nothing to stop this inhumane treatment of this country’s original inhabitants, he will become an accomplice. And there is no doubt that President Elect Donald Trump is already an accomplice as he is invested in DAPL”.




Photos by Josue Rivas:

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Sophia Wilansky was airlifted after being critically injured by a concussion grenade at Standing Rock, ND


November 22, 2016

Marla Marcum 781-475-0996,;
Tim DeChristopher 801-362-6941,


Boston, MA — Among the Spectra pipeline resisters scheduled to appear in West Roxbury District Court today is 22 year old Sophia Wilansky.  Sophia is one of the Mass Grave 6 defendants, along with Karenna Gore, daughter of former vice-president Al Gore, climate activist Tim DeChristopher, Norah Collins, Dave Publow, and Callista Womick.  Instead of appearing in the West Roxbury District Court, Sophia is in Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she was airlifted after being critically injured by a concussion grenade at Standing Rock, ND. She faces a second surgery today as doctors attempt to save her left arm.

A press conference is scheduled for noon local time today at Hennepin County Medical Center with a prayer vigil to follow at 4pm.

#nodapl, #keepitintheground, #waterprotectorsSophia is among the thousands of supporters who have been standing with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to protect their water from the Dakota Access pipeline.  On Sunday night, police and national guard attacked the peaceful water protectors with rubber bullets, pepper spray, water cannons and concussion grenades.  Sofia was hit with a concussion grenade fired by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. 

This was the latest assault in an escalated campaign of violence and intimidation by the police against those who have been asserting indigenous and human rights.  Approximately 300 injuries were identified, triaged, assessed and treated by tribal physicians, nurses, paramedics and integrative healers working in collaboration with local emergency response. These 300 injuries were the direct result of excessive force by police over the course of 10 hours. In addition to Sophia’s injury, at least 26 seriously injured people had to be evacuated by ambulance to 3 area hospitals.


Today West Roxbury pipeline resisters, including Sophia’s co-defendants – Karenna Gore, Tim DeChristopher and others – clergy, and other supporters will gather in prayer, song, and solidarity on the courthouse steps at 8:45am before Sophia’s scheduled healing and again after the hearing (end time dependent on proceedings).
Additional Context from the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council.

Photos of Sophia: headshot, with West Roxbury pipeline co-defendants on June 29, 2016 (photo credit, Marla Marcum). Sophia appears third from left in this photo.

In a historic moment of nonviolent resistance, thousands of people calling themselves protectors, not protestors, have gathered in North Dakota, to demand President Obama reject this dirty and dangerous proposal. If constructed, the Dakota Access pipeline would carry fracked oil from North Dakota to Illinois, cutting under the Missouri River less than a mile upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux’s drinking water supply as well as through the Tribe’s sacred and historical land. This pipeline is a threat to Native heritage, their homes, and will be a climate disaster.

WHAT: Gathering for Prayer, Song and Solidarity for Sophia Wilansky and 300 other water protectors injured Sunday by police at Standing Rock while peacefully opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline
WHO: Sophia’s co-defendants, clergy, and other Boston-area pipeline resisters.
WHEN: 8:45am and again after Sophia’s scheduled hearing (timing uncertain), Tuesday, November 22
WHERE: West Roxbury District Court, 445 Arborway, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Over 300 police officers in riot gear, 8 ATVs, 5 armored vehicles, 2 helicopters, and numerous military-grade Humvees showed up north of the newly formed frontline camp just east of Highway 1806.

NOPolice from 5 States Escalate Violence, Shoot Horses to Clear 1851 Treaty Camp, DAPL, Keep it in the Ground


For Immediate Release
October 28th, 2016
Press Contacts:
Dallas Goldtooth, 708-515-6158,
Kandi Mossett, 701-214-1389,

Cannonball, NDOver 300 police officers in riot gear, 8 ATVs, 5 armored vehicles, 2 helicopters, and numerous military-grade Humvees showed up north of the newly formed frontline camp just east of Highway 1806.  The 1851 Treaty Camp was set up this past Sunday directly in the path of the pipeline, on land recently purchased by DAPL.  Today this camp, a reclamation of unceded Dakota territory affirmed as part of the Standing Rock Reservation in the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1851, was violently cleared.  Both blockades established this past weekend to enable that occupation were also cleared. 
In addition to pepper spray and percussion grenades, shotguns were fired into the crowd with less lethal ammunition and a sound cannon was used (see images below).  At least one person was tased and the barbed hook lodged in his face, just outside his eye. Another was hit in the face by a rubber bullet.

A prayer circle of elders, including several women, was interrupted and all were arrested for standing peacefully on the public road.  A tipi was erected in the road and was recklessly dismantled, despite promises from law enforcement that they would merely mark the tipi with a yellow ribbon and ask its owners to retrieve it.  A group of water protectors was also dragged out of a ceremony in a sweat lodge erected in the path of the pipeline, wearing minimal clothing, thrown to the ground, and arrested.

#waterislife, #keepitintheground, #nodapl

A member of the International Indigenous Youth Council (IIYC) that had her wrist broken during a mass-arrest on October 22nd was hurt again after an officer gripped her visibly injured wrist and twisted it during an attempted arrest. At least six other members of the youth council verified that they had been maced up to five times and were also shot and hit with bean bags. In addition to being assaulted, an altar item and sacred staff was wrenched from the hands of an IIYC member by police. Several other sacred items were reported stolen, including a canupa (sacred tobacco pipe).
Two medics giving aid at front line were hit with batons and thrown off the car they were sitting on. Then police grabbed another medic, who was driving the car, out of the driver side while it was still in motion. Another water protector had to jump into the car to stop it from hitting other people.

#keepitintheground, #nodapl

Members of the horse nation herded around 100 buffalo from the west and southwest of the Cannonball Ranch onto the the DAPL easement. One rider was reportedly hit with up to four rubber bullets his horse was reported to be hit in the legs by live rounds. Another horse was shot and did not survive.

A confirmed DAPL private security guard was spotted among the protectors with an automatic rifle heading towards camp. Water protectors acted swiftly to stop the man who was attempting to flee the scene in his pickup. One protector stopped the assailant’s vehicle with their own before the security guard fled to nearby waters, weapon in hand. Bureau of Indian Affairs police arrived on scene and apprehended him.
Three water protectors locked themselves to a truck in the middle of the road and surrounded it with large logs.   After several hours of standoff, the police advanced in a sweep line and moved people approximately 1 mile back down the highway towards the main encampment on the Cannonball River.  Water protectors then retreated to the bridge over Highway 1806  and erected a large burning blockade that the police were unable to cross.  

Law enforcement from at least five states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Nebraska) were present today through EMAC, the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.  This law was passed by the Bill Clinton administration and allows states to share law enforcement forces during emergencies.  It is intended for natural disasters and has only been used twice for protests; once in the summer of 2015 during the demonstrations in Baltimore and here on the Standing Rock Reservation. Over 100 were arrested today in total.  

Kandi Mossett, Indigenous Environmental Network stated, “I went to the frontline in prayer for protection of the Missouri River & found myself in what I can only describe as a war zone. I was sprayed in the face with pepper spray, the guy next to me was shot by something that didn’t break the skin but appeared to have broken the ribs & another guy beside me was randomly snatched violently by police shoving me into the officers who held me off with batons then tried to grab me.  I’m still in shock & keep waiting to wake from what’s surely a nightmare though this is my reality as a native woman in 2016 trying to defend the sacred.”

Ladonna Bravebull Allard of Sacred Stone Camp says, “My people stand for the water, and they attack us. My people stand up for the graves of our people, and they attack us. My people stand up for our sacred places, and they attack us. My people pray, and they stop us, dragging us from our prayer, and throw us in the dirt. I know this is America- this is the history of my people. America has always walked though the blood of my people.

How can we stand in the face of violence? Because I was born to this land, because the roots grow out of my feet, because I love this land and I honor the water. Have we not learned from history? I pray for each of the people who stand up. We can not live like this anymore. It has to stop- my grandchildren have a right to live. The world has a right to live. The water, the life blood of the world? has a right to live. Mni Wiconi, Water of Life. Pray for the water, pray for the people. Stop Dakota Access- killer of the world.”

Eryn Wise of the International Indigenous Youth Council stated, “Today more than half of our youth council were attacked, injured or arrested. In addition to our brothers and sisters being hurt and incarcerated, we saw police steal our sacred staff. I have no words for what happened to any of us today. They are trying to again rewrite our narrative and we simply will not allow it. Our youth are watching and remember the faces of the officers that assaulted them. They pray for them.”

Shotgun into the crowd:
Prayer Circle:



Published on Oct 29, 2016

He was telling the truth Watch the betrayer in the video as the elders tells them they shot a child, – DAPL 10/28 – Injustice “They Shot one of our children” Elder Speaks….
And I have uploaded it here.…
– Pastbin on current operation-
The Post on the Infiltrators from DAPL Security…
Open Fire on Horses..…
1. You can donate items from the Sacred Stone Camp Supply List:
2. Call the White House… (202) 456-1111. Tell President Obama to rescind the Army Corps of Engineers’ Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline.
3. Contribute to the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense Fund:
4. Contribute to the Sacred Stone Camp gofundme account:
5. Call the Army Corps of Engineers and demand that they reverse the permit: (202) 761-5903
6. You can sign the petition to the White House to Stop DAPL:…
7.Call the executives onstruction-dakota…of the companies that are building the pipeline:
a. Lee Hanse
Executive Vice President
Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.
800 E Sonterra Blvd #400
San Antonio, Texas 78258
Telephone: (210) 403-6455
b. Glenn Emery
Vice President
Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.
800 E Sonterra Blvd #400
San Antonio, Texas 78258
Telephone: (210) 403-6762
c. Michael (Cliff) Waters
Lead Analyst
Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.
1300 Main St.
Houston, Texas 77002
Telephone: (713) 989-2404
White House Petition… 229,944 SIGNED 100,000 GOAL Congrats all.
Camp of the Sacred Stones: Needed Supplies List
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund…
Legal Defense Fund for Sacred Stone Spirit Camp
Sacred Stone Camp GoFundMe #Anonymous #OpNoDAPL #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #OWS #OpFunKill
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Standing Rock USMJP

The U.S. Marijuana Party stands with “Standing Rock”!!!

Standing Rock USMJP


Tribe members make their way back to the camp on Saturday, October 29. The <a href="" target="_blank">Dakota Access Pipeline</a> is a $3.7 billion project that would cross four states and change the landscape of the US crude oil supply. Construction of the pipeline will "destroy our burial sites, prayer sites and culturally significant artifacts," the Standing Rock Sioux tribe said.


(CNN)Protesters are using a new weapon in their push to block the Dakota Access Pipeline: Facebook.

By Monday, hundreds of thousands of people had checked in at Standing Rock Indian Reservation on the social networking site.

    But many of them weren’t anywhere near the location where demonstrators have been picketing the controversial $3.7 billion pipeline.




    How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline Here are CEO names, emails, and phone numbers—because banks have choices when it comes to what projects they give loans to.

    The Dakota Access pipeline is funded directly by 17 banks, many of which—Citibank, Wells Fargo—are ones you’ve probably heard of or do business with.

    Banks are more susceptible to public pressure than the oil and gas giants.

    Researchers with the nonprofit Food & Water Watch found that 38 banking institutions are involved in funding the proposed Bakken pipeline, which would stretch from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. A section of this project is the Dakota Access pipeline, where the Standing Rock Sioux and thousands of allies have physically put themselves in the path of the pipeline to protect their reservation and a stretch of the Missouri River.

    Bill McKibben, founder of, recently wrote an article for YES! suggesting that banks are more susceptible to public pressure than the oil and gas giants, which depend on bank loans and lines of credit to build their pipelines. “It’s probably sustained public pressure that will do the most good,” he wrote.

    Wondering what to say to a bank executive?

    Food & Water Watch researcher Hugh MacMillan: “Ask these banks to clarify whether funds they are providing are being used, in any amount, to pay for the heavily militarized response to the Standing Rock Sioux, including the attack dogs, sound-cannon trucks, heavily armed officers, and even a crop duster spraying undetermined chemicals over the camp.

    “People should also ask these institutions why they are sinking so much money into maximizing the amounts of oil and gas that can be brought to the surface and burned at a time when climate science is clear we have to maximize what we keep in the ground instead,” said MacMillan.


    Wells Fargo*

    CEO Timothy J. Sloan

    Corporate Office:
    Wells Fargo
    420 Montgomery Street
    San Francisco, CA 94104

    BNP Paribas*

    CEO Jean-Laurent Bonnafe

    Corporate Office:
    3 rue d’Antin
    75002 Paris, France

    U.S. Office:
    787 Seventh Avenue – The Equitable Tower
    New York, NY 10019


    CEO William H. Rodgers Jr.

    Corporate Office:
    303 Peachtree Street NE
    Atlanta, GA 30308

    Chief Communications Officer:
    Sue Mallino

    The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ*

    Chairman Nobuyuki Hirano

    CEO and President Takashi Oyamada

    Corporate Office:
    2-7-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo, Japan

    U.S. Office:
    1251 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10020-1104

    Mizuho Bank*

    President and CEO Nobuhide Hayashi

    Corporate Office:
    Otemachi Tower
    1-5-5, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo 100-8176, Japan

    U.S. Office:
    1251 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10020

    Citibank (CitiGroup)*

    CEO Michael Corbat

    Corporate Office:
    388 Greenwich Street
    New York, NY 10013
    Phone: 800-285-3000 and 212-793-0710

    TD Securities*

    Chairman, CEO, and President Bob Dorrance

    Corporate Office:
    P.O. Box 1, TD Bank Tower
    66 Wellington Street W
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5K 1A2

    Investment Banking: 416-307-8500
    Equity Research: 416-307-9360
    Trading Floor Enquiries: 416-944-6978

    U.S. Office:
    31 West 52nd Street
    New York, NY 10019-6101

    Credit Agricole*

    CEO Jean-Paul Chifflet

    12, Place des Etats-Unis
    Montrouge, France 92545

    U.S. Office:
    1301 Avenue of the Americas,
    New York, NY 10019

    Intesa SanPaolo*

    CEO Carlo Messina

    Corporate Office:
    Piazza San Carlo, 156
    10121 Torino, Italy

    Corporate Social Responsibility Unit:

    ING Bank*

    CEO and Executive Board Chairman Ralph A.J.G Hamers

    Wholesale Banking, Operations & IT, Sustainability, Corporate Governance:
    Carolien van der Giessen

    Head of Media Relations:
    Raymond Vermuelen

    Corporate Office:
    Amsterdamse Poort
    Bijlmerplein 888
    1102 MG Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Mailing Address:
    ING Bank N.V.
    P.O. Box 1800
    1000 BV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    U.S. Office:
    ING Financial Holdings LLC
    1325 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10019


    CEO Pierre Servant

    Corporate Office:
    Natixis Global Asset Management, S.A.
    21 quai d’Austerlitz
    75634 Paris Cedex 13, France

    U.S. Office:
    Natixis Global Asset Management, L.P.
    399 Boylston Street
    Boston, MA


    CEO Johannes-Jorg Riegler

    Head of Communications:
    Matthias Priwitzer

    Corporate Office:
    Brienner Straße 18
    80333 Munich

    U.S. Office:
    560 Lexington Avenue
    New York City, NY 10022

    BBVA Securities*

    CEO Carlos Torres Villa

    Executive Chairman Francisco Gonzalez Rodriguez

    Corporate Office:
    Calle Azul, 4
    28050 Madrid, Spain


    DNB First Bank*

    CEO and President William J. Hieb

    Main Branch:
    4 Brandywine Avenue
    Downingtown, PA 19335

    ICBC London*

    CEO and Managing Director Jin Chen

    Corporate Office:
    20 Gresham Street
    London EC2V 7JE, United Kingdom

    U.S. Office:
    520 Madison Avenue 28th Floor
    New York, NY 10022

    SMBC Nikko Securities*

    President and CEO Yoshihiko Shimizu

    Corporate Office:
    3-1, Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo 100-8325, Japan

    Societe General*

    CEO Frederic Oudea

    Chiarman of the Board Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

    Corporate Office:
    29 boulevard Haussmann 75009
    Paris, France

    U.S. Office:
    245 Park Avenue
    New York City, NY 10167

    The following banks are involved in funding for the entire Bakken pipeline:

    Royal Bank of Scotland

    CEO Ross McEwan

    Director of Media Relations:
    Chris Turner

    Corporate Office:
    175 Glasgow Road
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    U.S. Office:
    600 Washington Boulevard
    Stamford, CT 06901

    ABN Amro Capital

    Chairman of the Board Gerrit Zalm

    Corporate Office:
    ABN AM
    RO Bank N.V.
    Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
    1082 PP Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    U.S. Office:
    100 Park Avenue, 17th floor
    New York, NY 10017

    Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)

    CEO and President Brian J. Porter

    Corporate Office:
    Scotia Plaza
    44 King Street W
    Toronto, Ontario
    Canada M5H 1H1

    U.S. Office:
    250 Vesey Street,
    23rd and 24th floors
    New York, NY 10281

    Scotia Howard Weil (“Energy Investment Boutique”):
    Energy Centre
    1100 Poydras Street Suite 3500
    New Orleans, LA 70163
    504-582-2500 and 800-322-3005

    Citizens Bank

    Chairman and CEO Bruce Van Saun

    Head of Media Relations:
    Peter Lucht

    Consumer Lending, Business Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate:
    Lauren DiGeronimo

    Corporate Office:
    1 Citizens Plaza
    Providence, RI 02903

    Comerica Bank

    Chairman and CEO Ralph W. Babb Jr.

    Investor Relations:

    Corporate Contacts:
    Wendy Bridges

    Wayne Mielke

    Corporate Office:
    Comerica Bank Tower
    1717 Main Street
    Dallas, TX 75201

    U.S. Bank

    Chairman and CEO Richard K. Davis

    Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Dana Ripley

    Brand, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sponsorships:
    Susan Beatty

    Corporate Office:
    U.S. Bancorp Center
    800 Nicollet Mall
    Minneapolis, MN 55402
    800-685-5065 and 651-466-3000

    PNC Bank

    Chairman, President, and CEO William S. Demchak

    Media Relations:
    Fred Solomon

    Investor Relations:
    Bryan K. Gill

    Corporate Office:
    300 Fifth Avenue
    The Tower at PNC Plaza
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222


    Chairman John McFarlane
    CEO Jes Staley

    Corporate Office:
    Barclays Bank PLC
    1 Churchill Place
    London E14 5HP, United Kingdom

    U.S. Office:
    745 7th Avenue
    New York, NY 10019

    Press Office:

    JPMorgan Chase

    Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon

    Corporate Contacts:
    Andrew Gray

    Jennifer Lavoie

    Brian Marchiony

    Corporate Office:
    270 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10017-2014

    Bank of America

    President, CEO, and Chairman Brian Moynihan

    Executive Relations, Office of the CEO:
    Matthew Task

    Corporate Office:
    100 N Tryon Street
    Charlotte, NC 28255

    Deutsche Bank

    CEO John Cryan

    Corporate Contact:
    Renee Calabro

    Corporate Address:
    Deutsche Bank AG
    Taunusanlage 12
    60325 Frankfurt Am Main (for letters and postcards: 60262)

    U.S. Office:
    Deutsche Bank AG
    60 Wall Street
    New York, NY 10005

    Compass Bank

    Chairman and CEO Manolo Sanchez

    Director of External Communications:
    Christina Anderson

    Al Ortiz

    Corporate Office:
    15 S 20th Street
    Birmingham, AL 35233

    Credit Suisse

    CEO Tidjane Thiam

    Board Chairman Urs Rohner

    Suisse Banking Ombudsman:
    Bahnhofplatz 9
    P.O. Box 1818
    CH 8021 Zurich, Switzerland

    Corporate Office:
    Uetlibergstrasse 231
    P.O. Box 700
    CH 8070 Zurich, Switzerland

    U.S. Office:
    650 California Street
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    Phone: 415-249-2100

    DNB Capital/ASA

    CEO Rune Bjerke

    Chairwoman of the Board Anne Carine Tanum

    Executive Vice President Communications Even Westerveld

    Corporate Address:
    Dronning Eufemias Gate 30
    0191 Oslo, Norway

    Sumitomo Mitsui Bank

    President and CEO Takeshi Kunibe

    Corporate Office:
    1-1-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo, Japan

    U.S. Office:
    277 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10172

    Royal Bank of Canada

    CEO David I. McKay

    CEO and Board Communications:
    Paul French

    Corporate Media Relations:
    Catherine Hudon

    Corporate Address:
    200 Bay Street P.O. Box 1
    Royal Bank Plaza
    Toronto, Canada
    416-974-5151 and 416-842-2000


    CEO Sergio Ermotti

    Head Group External Communications:
    Mark Hengel
    Phone: 41-44-234-32-21

    Chief Communication Officer-Americas:
    Marsha Askins
    212-713-6151 office and 917-226-4743 cell

    Corporate Office:
    Bahnhofstrasse 45, CH-8098
    8001 Zurich, Switzerland

    U.S. Office:
    1285 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10019

    Goldman Sachs

    Chairman and CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein
    917-743-0939 and 212-902-0593

    Media Contacts Americas:

    Corporate Address:
    Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    200 West Street
    New York, NY 10282

    Morgan Stanley

    CEO James P. Gorman

    Corporate Office:
    Morgan Stanley
    1585 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036

    Community Trust Bank

    Chairman, President, and CEO Jean R. Hale
    Senior Vice President, Investments: . Christopher Meng

    Corporate Office:
    346 N Mayo Trail
    Pikeville, KY 41501

    HSBC Bank

    Chairman Douglas Flint

    Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver

    Corporate Address:
    8 Canada Square
    London E14 5HQ, United Kingdom

    U.S. Office:
    HSBC Headquarters
    425 5th Avenue
    New York, NY 10018

    Head of Media Relations, HSBC USA:
    Rob Sherman

    The information compiled here is from the latest information reported by the banks. If there are corrections or additions that we should consider, please let us know. Updated 10/29 to reflect Timothy J. Sloan is now CEO of Wells Fargo.


    Mummy Proves America Is 2,400 Years Behind On Medical Marijuana


    Photo: Via Wikimedia Commons.

    A 2,400-year-old “Siberian Ice Maiden” apparently knew something that not all US lawmakers do: Cannabis is a perfect palliative for cancer.
    Discovered in 1993 by archaeologist Natalia Polosmak, the mummified remains of this woman, also known as the “Princess of Ukok,” were recently examined by a team of Russian scientists. They found that the woman, who was heavily tattooed and died when she was between 20 and 30 years old, suffered from and ultimately succumbed to breast cancer.
    “‘I am quite sure of the diagnosis — she had cancer,” one of the scientists told the Siberian Times. “She was extremely emaciated. Given her rather high rank in society and the information scientists obtained studying mummies of elite Pazyryks, I do not have any other explanation of her state. Only cancer could have such an impact.”
    The researchers also believe that the woman used cannabis to treat herself. A container of the herb was found in her burial chamber, along with a “cosmetics bag.”
    “Probably for this sick woman, sniffing cannabis was a forced necessity,” another scientist said, noting that wine, hashish, opium, henbane, mandrake, aconite, and Indian hemp were all used at the time as painkillers. “And she was often in altered state of mind. We can suggest that through her could speak the ancestral spirits and gods. Her ecstatic visions in all likelihood allowed her to be considered as some chosen being, necessary and crucial for the benefit of society. She can be seen as the darling of spirits and cherished until her last breath.”
    Hey, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania: Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. (Siberian Times)